Ask The Experts 2017

Ask The Experts at ICE USA 2017

Have a question on one of your converting processes? Bring it to our Experts and receive personal advice from some of the most accomplished engineers in the industry.

“Ask the Experts” continues to be one of our most popular and valuable sessions. Offering one-on-one complimentary appointments with some of the industry’s leading consultants, the Ask The Experts program is a highly sought after program at ICE USA. Meet privately with Experts to get outside opinions on strategic decisions, discuss innovative solutions to expand business, or receive troubleshooting advice to solve production or operational challenges. help solve technical and operational challenges

Ingrid Brase (Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives)

Ingrid Brase has over 20 years of experience in the converting industry and is a well-recognized author and industry speaker on the topic of pressure-sensitive adhesives providing insight into their application and use in a broad variety of applications. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) and the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI).

Vincent DiTrolio (Flexo Printing)

With more than 20 years of experience in the flexographic industry, Vince DiTrolio is highly regarded as a flexo expert and pioneer in formal press operator training. Through DiTrolio Flexographic Institute, an Illinois State Board of Education and Dept. of Veterans Affairs approved program, his organization has trained hundreds of press operators.

Dr. Kenneth McCarthy (Clean Room Coating Solutions)

Ken McCarthy has over 35 years of experience in the coating industry. He previously served as Senior Product Development Manager at Polaroid and Multilayer Coating Technologies. He now heads up Clean Room Coating Solutions, which provides consulting services in coating, drying, defect characterization, coating heads, mixing, and scale-up projects, and more.

Kelly Robinson (Static)

Kelly Robinson is the founder of Electrostatic Answers, an engineering consulting company dedicated to eliminating injury and waste from static electricity. Kelly is also a contributing editor for PFFC-Online and writes “Static Beat,” a monthly column on static control.

Dr. Dave Roisum (Web Handling & Converting)

Dr. Roisum is a well-known authority in the area of web handling and converting. He has authored seven books, including Winding, Rollers and Web Handling. He is also a principal of Finishing Technologies Inc., having provided instruction and consulting services at nearly 1,000 sites for those who convert or manufacture; paper, film, foil, nonwovens, textiles, and many other materials.

Dave Rumson (Slitting & Rewinding)

Dave Rumson, Slitting Educator / Consultant, has 17 years slitting and winding experience with Dienes Corp. and Parkinson Technologies. He has presented for CEMA, AIMCAL, and TAPPI for over 20 years and has conducted numerous nationwide public and corporate shear, crush and razor slitting seminars.

Dr. Duncan Darby (Laminating)

Dr. Duncan Darby, Associate Professor teaching in the Packaging Science Program at Clemson University, is a recognized expert in the use and manufacture of flexible packaging. He has over 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry, working for converting operations in product development, quality assurance and manufacturing. He has worked with many flexible packaging manufacturing processes, including adhesive lamination, extrusion lamination, printing, cast film and blown film. He has developed and provided technical support for multiple package formats including pouches, cups with lidding and blisters with blister-backing.

This year ICE USA expanded their program by launching an Ask the Experts community on LinkedIn, where professionals in the converting industry can connect, share expertise, and continue conversations started at the show any time of the year. Converting industry professionals can join the LinkedIn Group here.

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“We have had such success here that we’ve already signed up for the next show. It’s been beneficial for us to bring our new technology to ICE. ICE offered a platform to introduce our new technology to both the staff of exhibiting companies and visitors, to see what we can offer.”

Tim Claffey, New Way Air Bearings

“I can’t really give a value to ICE because the show has been priceless for us. And, by showcasing equipment on the floor we attracted more customers and prospects to come through our booth.”

Richard McDonald, PPCTS

“The customers we see here are decision makers. Companies also send their technical people to see what’s new and what they are going to need for the future to stay competitive and efficient.”

Jens Vollpott, Kroenert

“People love to see the equipment. They want to talk about their applications and how it fits. We’ve had conversations where we’re sketching out their applications and coming up with good solutions for them. So, there’s definitely an advantage to having running equipment and materials people can view.”

Terrence Clark, TAKK Industries

“This is where all the big boys are. This is where all the equipment manufacturers are. It’s where all the OEM’s are. And, anybody who’s anybody runs equipment at ICE.”

Bob Pasquale, New Era Converting Machinery

“This is where all the big boys are. This is where all the equipment manufacturers are. It’s where all the OEM’s are. And, anybody who’s anybody runs equipment at ICE.”

Todd Skibinski, Parkinson Technologies

Co-located with InPrint USA

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