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Exhibitor List 2015


Last updated on 26 February 2015

3 page top
3DT LLC, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 127
A page top
A&M Ring USA, Inc., Texas, United States
Booth 125
ABBA Roller, California, USA
Booth 153
ABOX Automation Corp., New Jersey, USA
Booth 453
AccuWeb, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 211
Adaptive Technologies Industries (ATI), Florida, USA
Booth 1068
Adhesives Research, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 248
The ADVANCED Team, Inc., North Carolina, USA
Booth 967
Advance Systems, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 320
Adwest Technologies, Inc., California, USA
Booth 542
Ahlbrandt System GmbH, Germany
Booth 215
AIMCAL - Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, South Carolina, USA
Booth 241
AirTrim, Inc., Ohio, USA
Booth 1166
Allied Dies, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 424
Alpha Converting Equipment, United Kingdom
Booth 1214
ALS Limited, United Kingdom
Booth 105
American & Schoen Machinery Company, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 751
American Cutting Edge, Ohio, USA
Booth 110
American Roller Co. & Plasma Coatings, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 120
Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 1172
Appleton Mfg. Division, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 333
Appvion, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 451
ASA-RT S.R.L., Italy
Booth 1042
Ashe Converting Equipment, Vermont, USA
Booth 201
Ashland, Ohio, USA
Booth 251
Associated Pacific Machine Corp., California, USA
Booth 1067
Atlas Converting North America, Inc., North Carolina, USA
Booth 721
Automation and Control Technology, Ohio, USA
Booth 1128
Avis Roto-Die, California, USA
Booth 657
AZCO Corp., New Jersey, USA
Booth 615
B page top
Badger Plug Co., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1251
Balemaster USA, Indiana, USA
Booth 138
BeardowAdams, Inc., North Carolina, USA
Booth 1268
Beijing Zodngoc Automatic Technology Co., Ltd., China
Booth 725
BELL-MARK Corporation, New Jersey, USA
Booth 811
Berhalter AG, Switzerland
Booth 735
BloApCo (Blower Application Company), Wisconsin, USA
Booth 225
BOBST, United Kingdom
Booth 1121
Boschert LLC, Alabama, USA
Booth 1035
Bostik, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 866
Brotech Graphics Co., Ltd., China
Booth 115
BST ProControl GmbH, Germany
Booth 211
B&W MEGTEC, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 507
C page top
C2 Coating & Converting Magazines, Germany
Booth 1151
Cadence, Inc., Virginia, USA
Booth 1126
Carestream Tollcoating, Oregon, USA
Booth 242
Catbridge Machinery, LLC, New Jersey, USA
Booth 514
Chase Machine & Engineering, Inc., Rhode Island, USA
Booth 769
W.R. Chesnut Engineering, Inc., New Jersey, USA
Booth 747
Cloeren Incorporated, Texas, USA
Booth 315
CMC Cevenini USA, LLC, Maryland, USA
Booth 847
CMS, Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 1135
Coast Controls, Inc., Florida, USA
Booth 625
Compass Systems & Sales, LLC, Ohio, USA
Booth 1250
ConQuip, Inc., California, USA
Booth 321
Contech, Kansas, USA
Booth 1131
Converted Products, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 450
Converting Hotline, Iowa, USA
Booth 1261
Converting Quarterly, Kansas, USA
Booth 235
Conwed Global Netting Solutions, Minnesota, USA
Booth 767
CoreTech International, New Jersey, USA
Booth 711
Coulometrics, LLC, Tennessee, USA
Booth 333
Coveris Advanced Coatings, North Carolina, USA
Booth 557
CST Sytems Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 126
D page top
Dalmec Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 431
Dark Field Technologies, Connecticut, USA
Booth 139
Davis-Standard, LLC, New York, USA
Booth 411
Booth 1138
DCS USA Corporation, North Carolina, USA
Booth 439
Deacro Industries Ltd., Ontario, Canada
Booth 705
Delta Industrial Services, Minnesota, USA
Booth 710
Dienes Corporation, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 1021
Dietze & Schell Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Booth 121
DiTrolio Flexographic Institute, Illinois, USA
Booth 154
Dotec Liftassists, Netherlands
Booth 339
Double E Co., Massachusetts, USA
Booth 1031
Dover Flexo Electronics, New Hampshire, USA
Booth 102
The Dow Chemical Company, Texas, United States
Booth 947
Doyle Systems, Ohio, USA
Booth 100
E page top
Eberle America Inc., Quebec, Canada
Booth 951
Edwards Label, California, USA
Booth 1225
El Empaque & Conversión, Florida, USA
Booth 358
Elite Cameron Ltd., United Kingdom
Booth 1101
Elsner Engineering Works, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 132
Empire Rollers and Coatings, New York, USA
Booth 1207
Enercon Industries Corp., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1111
Energy Sciences Inc., Massachusetts, USA
Booth 1265
The Entwistle Company, Maine, USA
Booth 873
Epson America, Inc., California, USA
Booth 335
Erhardt + Leimer, Inc., Germany
Booth 311
ETI Converting Equipment, Quebec, Canada
Booth 1147
Euromac SRL, Italy
Booth 905
Eutro Log S.p.A., Italy
Booth 111
Event Capture Systems, North Carolina, USA
Booth 1049
F page top
Faustel, Inc, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 801
Feel Good, Inc., Nevada, USA
Booth 1247
Fibreform Containers, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 871
Filmquest Group, Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 247
Finzer Roller, Illinois, USA
Booth 352
Flagship Converters, Inc., Connecticut, USA
Booth 1041
Flexible Packaging Magazine, Illinois, USA
Booth 114
Flexo Wash LLC, Kentucky, USA
Booth 1115
Flint Group Flexographic Products, North Carolina, USA
Booth 432
FMS USA, Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 834
Foil & Specialty Effects Association / InsideFinishing Magazine, Kansas, USA
Booth 334
Fox River Associates, Illinois, USA
Booth 250
Fox Valley Technical College, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 259
Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, Ohio, USA
Booth 324
Frontier Industrial Technology, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 424
Futec America Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 1043
G page top
Gawan Industries Co., Ltd., China
Booth 134
General Magnaplate Corporation, New Jersey, USA
Booth 231
Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Booth 556
GEW (EC) Ltd., United Kingdom
Booth 825
GL&V USA - Cameron Machine, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 1134
GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH, Germany
Booth 838
Goldenrod Corp., Connecticut, USA
Booth 421
Gravure Association of the Americas, North Carolina, USA
Booth 140
Greycon, Alabama, USA
Booth 112
Gür-is Makina, Turkey
Booth 224
H page top
HAEHNE Force Measurement Technology, Germany
Booth 1243
Hamamatsu Corporation, New Jersey, USA
Booth 443
Harper Corporation of America, North Carolina, USA
Booth 848
HCI Converting Equipment Co., Ltd., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1139
Henkel Corporation, New Jersey, USA
Booth 348
Henkel Corporation, New Jersey, USA
Booth 144
Henry Molded Products, Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 106
Heraeus Noblelight America LLC, Maryland, USA
Booth 867
Heraeus Noblelight America LLC, Georgia, USA
Booth 850, 851
Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 434
Honle UV America, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 435
Hudson Cutting Solutions, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 821
I page top
IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH, Germnay
Booth 126
ICE USA Daily, Germany
Booth 1151
ICO System international coating GmbH, Germany
Booth 256
IDPM Ltd., Florida, USA
Booth 1034
Impreglon, Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 430
Indev Gauging Systems, Illinois, USA
Booth 635
Informetric Systems, Inc., New Jersey, USA
Booth 452
Innovative Machine Corporation, Alabama, USA
Booth 1027
Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG), Florida, USA
Booth 1171
International Foam Products, Inc., North Carolina, USA
Booth 124
International Machinery LLC, South Carolina, USA
Booth 1221
Intertech Precision Ltd., New York, USA
Booth 331
ISIS sentronics GmbH, Germany
Booth 835
Booth 525
I.S.T. Canablast, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1143
IST METZ GmbH, Germany
Booth 1203
ITW Dynatec, Tennessee, USA
Booth 325
J page top
Jemmco, LLC, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 108
Jennerjahn Machine, Inc., Indiana, USA
Booth 924
Jowat Corporation, North Carolina, USA
Booth 157
JX Nippon ANCI, Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 950
K page top
Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Booth 205
Karlville Development Group, Florida, USA
Booth 546
Kem-Wove, Inc., North Carolina, USA
Booth 124
Kongskilde Industries Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 638
Kroenert, Germany
Booth 701
L page top
C. A. Litzler Co., Inc., Ohio, USA
Booth 968
Laem System SRL, Italy
Booth 111
Lever Manufacturing Corporation, New Jersey, USA
Booth 621
Leybold Optics, North Carolina, USA
Booth 1211
Louis P. Batson Company, South Carolina, USA
Booth 136
Lowell Corporation, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 771
M page top
Adolf Müller GmbH & Co KG Maschinenfabrik, Germany
Booth 1016
Mahlo America, Inc., South Carolina, USA
Booth 939
Mahr Metering Systems, North Carolina, USA
Booth 1146
Majilite Corporation, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 1272
Mamata Enterprises, Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 839
Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc., Connecticut, USA
Booth 966
Manufacturers Supplies Company, Missouri, USA
Booth 911
Martin Automatic Inc, Illinois, USA
Booth 972
Mathis USA, Inc., North Carolina, USA
Booth 739
Matik Inc., Connecticut, USA
Booth 838
Maxcess, Oklahoma, USA
Booth 301
MBI Coatings, South Carolina, USA
Booth 1152
Meech International, Ohio, USA
Booth 1233
Menzel LP, South Carolina, USA
Booth 614
Mid South Roller, Texas, USA
Booth 773
Midwest Engineering Systems Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 252
Miltec UV, Maryland, USA
Booth 506
Mirror Polishing & Plating Company Inc., Connecticut, USA
Booth 1167
MIRWEC Film, Inc. / Yasui Seiki Co., (USA), Indiana, USA
Booth 971
Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp., California, USA
Booth 731
MoistTech Corp, Florida, USA
Booth 446
Moisture Register Products, California, USA
Booth 1073
Booth 350
MSK Covertech Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 1053
MTI & Polyexe Corp., New Hampshire, USA
Booth 346
M.Torres Diseños Industriales S.A.U., Washington, USA
Booth 351
The Montalvo Corporation, Maine, USA
Booth 511
N page top
NDC Technologies, California, USA
Booth 901
New Era Converting Machinery, New Jersey, USA
Booth 501
New Way Air Bearings, Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 456
Nordmeccanica NA, Ltd., New York, USA
Booth 249
Nordson Corporation, Georgia, USA
Booth 715
Nordson EDI, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 715
Nordson Xaloy, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 715
Novamelt Americas LLC, North Carolina, USA
Booth 221
Novation, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 753
NSC USA – MONOMATIC, South Carolina, USA
Booth 350
O page top
OLBRICH GmbH, Germany
Booth 921
Optima Life Science GmbH, Germany
Booth 743
ORAFOL Americas, Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 1230
Oryx Systems, North Carolina, USA
Booth 762
OSRAM SYLVANIA, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 447
Otto Trading Inc., California, USA
Booth 448
Overbridge Technology, Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 133
Owecon ApS, Denmark
Booth 1011
Ox Paper Tube & Core, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 535
Booth 122
P page top
P&S GmbH, Germany
Booth 924
packagePRINTING, Colorado, USA
Booth 1030
PACKERS Co., Ltd., South Korea
Booth 1245
PAKEA, South Carolina, USA
Booth 350
Paper Converting Machine Company, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1227
Paper, Film & Foil Converter (PFFC) - YTC Media Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 1050
Paramelt, Michigan, USA
Booth 143
Parkinson Technologies Inc., Rhode Island, USA
Booth 637
Booth 1047
Passaic Rubber Company, New Jersey, USA
Booth 870
PCT Engineered Systems, Iowa, USA
Booth 1173
Pinnacle Systems, Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 842
Polymag Tek, Inc., New York, USA
Booth 917
Polytec, Inc., California, USA
Booth 357
Precision AirConvey Corp., Delaware, USA
Booth 550
Preco, Inc., Kansas, USA
Booth 101
Premier Dies Corp., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 715
Prime UV-IR Systems, Illinois, USA
Booth 935
Process Sensors Corp., Massachusetts, USA
Booth 943
Progressive Recovery, Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 872
Proton Products International, Georgia, USA
Booth 846
PRUFTECHNIK Service, Inc., New Jersey, USA
Booth 347
PSA Technology GmbH, Germany
Booth 1015
Pyradia, Inc., Quebec, Canada
Booth 326
Q page top
QuadTech, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 931
Quality Converting Products Inc., Massachusetts, USA
Booth 841
Quickdraft, Ohio, USA
Booth 970
R page top
Racine Flame Spray, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 131
Radiant Energy Systems Inc., New Jersey, USA
Booth 515
Radio Frequency Co., Inc., Massachusetts, USA
Booth 969
Relco Inc., Ontario, Canada
Booth 1266
Retroflex, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1213
RG Engineering, Virginia, USA
Booth 425
Rockwell Automation, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 940
Rol-Tec, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 147
Roll-o-Matic A/S, Denmark
Booth 1070
Roll Technology, South Carolina, USA
Booth 238
Rosenthal Manufacturing, Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 1005
Rossini North America, LLC, Georgia, USA
Booth 257
RotaDyne, Illinois, USA
Booth 925
RYECO, Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 973
S page top
Sage Automation, Inc., Texas, USA
Booth 1209
SAM North America LLC, New York, USA
Booth 531
Schenk Vision, Minnesota, USA
Booth 724
Schlumpf USA Inc., Maine, USA
Booth 1105
Selco Inc., South Carolina, USA
Booth 349
SenGenuity: Sensor Engines by Vectron International, New Hampshire, USA
Booth 457
Sensortech Systems, Inc., California, USA
Booth 356
Showa Giken Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan
Booth 1148
Siemens Industry, Inc., Georgia, USA
Booth 239
Simco-Ion, Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 607
Sonic Solutions, Illinois, USA
Booth 1066
SpecMetrix (Sensory Analytics), North Carolina, USA
Booth 230
Speedmet Aluminum, Turkey
Booth 253
Spencer Pettus Gears, North Carolina, USA
Booth 1071
Spooner Industries, United Kingdom
Booth 624
SPS Ideal Solutions, Florida, USA
Booth 1246
Steele Solutions, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1039 - Division of Alpha Innovation, Inc., Massachusetts, USA
Booth 1201
SYSCO Machinery Corp., Taiwan
Booth 441
T page top
TAKK Industries, Ohio, USA
Booth 1217
TANN Corporation, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1219
TAPPI, Georgia, USA
Booth 1168
Technical Coating International, Inc., North Carolina, USA
Booth 338
Teknek, Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 607
Teknikor, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 543
Texture Technologies Corporation, Massachusetts, USA
Booth 656
TGW International, Kentucky, USA
Booth 1224
Tilt-Lock, Minnesota, USA
Booth 305
Titan (Atlas Converting North America, Inc.), North Carolina, USA
Booth 721
Totani America, Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 405
U page top
Ungricht Roller & Engraving Technology, Germany
Booth 934
Unilux, Inc., New Jersey, USA
Booth 634
USA Rolls, Ohio, USA
Booth 1239
UV+EB Technology Magazine, Kansas, USA
Booth 149
V page top
Vacuumatic Maschinen GmbH, Germany
Booth 831
Valco Melton, Ohio, USA
Booth 1125
Vetaphone North America, Illinois, USA
Booth 521
Vidir Machine, Inc., Manitoba, Canada
Booth 1241
Voorwood Company, California, USA
Booth 1072
Vorne Industries, Inc., Illinois, USA
Booth 438
W page top
WebCut Converting, Minnesota, USA
Booth 1226
Webex Inc., Wisconsin, USA
Booth 301
Web Systems, Inc., Colorado, USA
Booth 246
WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG, Switzerland
Booth 1000
WIFAG-Polytype GmbH, Germany
Booth 1000
Winder Works GmbH, Luxembourg
Booth 934
Wintriss Engineering Corporation, California, USA
Booth 343
X page top
XericWeb Drying Systems, Wisconsin, USA
Booth 1169
Y page top
Yazoo Mills, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Booth 118

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