Get the education you need to succeed at ICE USA

Posted 23rd February 2017 by Melissa Magestro
You know ICE USA is the place to be for new products and technology and to speak with the exhibitor experts who design the equipment. But have you checked out the conference programs that are at the show? In this day and age, we all need to stay current on the latest industry trends and research and ICE USA is a great place to do just that.

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ICE USA hosts 3M Engineering and Manufacturing Technology Chapter

Posted 3rd February 2017 by Melissa Magestro
3M noticed alot of their converting engineers were already attending ICE USA, so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together to meet, discuss what they've seen on the show floor, talk with peers about their converting challenges. In 2017, ICE USA show management will enhance this experience for 3M, and any other company that wants to participate in our new VIP program.

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Fixed Drayage Rates Help Exhibitors Bring Equipment

Posted 26th January 2017 by Melissa Magestro
Managing an exhibit budget can be challenging with various order forms, vendors, labor, unions, etc. and no one wants to get onsite and be surprised by an invoice. ICE USA and InPrint USA Show Management are taking the guess work out of material handling costs by offering fixed fees for drayage. Read more to see how you can bring equipment to the shows without breaking your budget.

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Meet one of the ICE 'Experts' - Ken McCarthy

Posted 6th January 2017 by Ken McCarthy
Meet Ken McCarthy, one of the members of the ICE USA 'Experts' team. Ken's specialty is clean room coating operations and here he gives a brief look into his background as well as some info on dispensing systems. Just a preview of the advice you can receive in Orlando at ICE USA!

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Selecting the right pressure-sensitive adhesive for the job

Posted 12th December 2016 by Ingrid Brase
Ingrid Brase, ICE USA Expert team member specializing in pressure sensitive adhesives, writes this week's blog breaking down how to select the right adhesive for your product. Take a look at this comprehensive list of things to consider before product development and order procurement.

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“Seeing Is Believing” – Why New Era brings equipment to ICE USA

Posted 28th November 2016 by Melissa Magestro
We sat down with Bob Pasquale, President of New Era Converting Machinery, to find out how showing equipment in their booth gives them a high ROI at ICE USA as well as an edge over their competitors. In this week's blog, Bob shares his ICE USA marketing philosophy, tips for success at the show, and a sneak preview of what you will see at their booth in April.

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Why I keep coming back to ICE USA

Posted 3rd November 2016 by Bill Yoder
Bill Yoder, long-time member of the converting community, gives his reasons for attending every ICE USA since the 2011 launch and why he's looking forward to the next show in April.

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Why pre-show marketing is critical to your success at a tradeshow

Posted 13th October 2016 by Melissa Magestro
You may know you should promote your tradeshow presence before the actual event, but are you actually doing it? Time constraints, limited personnel or simply not knowing where to start are all common reasons for not taking advantage of the easy and often free pre-show marketing options available. ICE USA is excited to be your partner on the path to a successful show experience - read more to find out how.

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Control Static on a Winding Roll

Posted 10th October 2016 by Kelly Robinson
Static stored on a winding roll can cause large sparks. How do you control static in your operations? Kelly Robinson, founder of Electrostatic Answers and ICE USA Expert team member, explains how to suppress sparks to reduce damage and injury in this week's blog.

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RFID Will Soon Be a Profit Center

Posted 13th September 2016 by Melissa Magestro
Packaging and label companies have an opportunity to increase sales by providing better service to valued customers. Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal, explains how in this week's ICE USA blog.

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Meet an ICE "Expert" --- Dave Rumson

Posted 15th August 2016 by Melissa Magestro
ICE USA is the only converting exhibition where you can meet with our team of 'Experts' for free consultations on your toughest process challenges. Here we introduce you to Dave Rumson, Slitting Consultant and Educator, and long-time member of the ICE 'Ask the Experts' team.

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What's new for ICE USA 2017?

Posted 22nd July 2016 by Melissa Magestro
Take a look at what's new for ICE USA 2017! Melissa Magestro, Executive Vice President of Mack Brooks Exhibitions Inc. gives you a sneak preview of the new features and marketing strategies designed to give you FOMO of ICE USA 2017.

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