Custom-engineered is not always more expensive

Posted 23rd March 2017 by Emeline Chambault

Sourcing new equipment for production is not an easy process. Companies often wait for business to grow significantly before investing in new machinery to minimize risk and maximise return on investment. Then comes a time where new equipment is needed to supply existing demand and stay competitive on the market.

At that point companies will have specified the ideal machinery meeting all their requirements and challenges and will be looking for the right product from the right supplier at the right price.

We often receive enquiries from customers asking us for used or off the shelf solutions meeting their requirements believing this would be the most cost effective option. But reality is that the probability to find the converting equipment meeting 100% of your needs off the shelf is quite low. You are then left with 2 choices: do I review my requirements or do I look for custom-made machinery?

Custom-engineered is often believed to be a more complicated and more expensive process although it is not always the case. Engineering a solution starts with listening to your needs, understanding your priorities as well as limitations but also bringing an outside perspective and making recommendation. That alone could save you time and money!

We recently conceived a large piece of equipment – a coating & laminating line for pressure sensitive adhesive material - for one of our customers which illustrates perfectly this point. One of the main hurdle was space management. Opting for an off the shelf solution would have required for them to make major modifications to their building by either raising their roof, extending it out, or finding another place to fit the coater.  It turns out that a custom-engineered piece of equipment saved them millions of dollars as they have been able to fit the equipment in their existing facility.

ICE USA Expo is such an important event for both buyers and suppliers of equipment. It enables you to meet with a large variety of equipment manufacturers and work towards finding the right partner and the right equipment.  Use this opportunity to explain your projects and objectives, challenge us to find the right solution for you.  Visit Pyradia at the show in booth 331 or learn more about us here.

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