Fixed Drayage Rates Help Exhibitors Bring Equipment

Posted 26th January 2017 by Melissa Magestro

At Mack Brooks Exhibitions, we try to go above and beyond to make our shows - ICE USA, the International Converting Exhibition, and InPrint USA, the Industrial Print Show - a success for our exhibitors. We don’t succeed unless you succeed.

That’s why we offer our exhibitors so much more than just booth space. We offer opportunities for unique sponsorships that get your name in front of more visitors, customizable promotional material to help you invite customers and market your presence at the show, and finally competitive drayage rates to make it easy for you to bring equipment.

Every survey we’ve taken says that the number one reason visitors attend the show is to see equipment and new technology. Bringing equipment helps exhibitors stand out, get noticed, and capture more leads. In fact, in his blog post, Bob Pasquale, President of New Era Converting Machinery, talks about how bringing equipment to ICE USA is the recipe for their sales success.

So it was very important for us to work with Shepard Exposition Services, our official General Contractor, to offer affordable fixed material handling rates to help you to bring equipment to the show and minimize surprises to your budget.

The fixed machinery drayage rates for ICE USA and InPrint USA are:

2001 lbs – 3000 lbs $420.00
3001 lbs – 5000 lbs $665.00
5001 lbs - 7500 lbs $786.00
7501 lbs – 10,000 lbs $1,150.00
10,000 lbs – 12,000lbs $1265.00
12,501 lbs - 15,000 lbs $1,485.00
15,001 lbs - 17,500 lbs $1,800.00
17,501 lbs - 20,000 lbs $2,050.00
20,001 lbs - 25,000 lbs $2,050.00
25,001 lbs- 30,000 lbs $2,050.00
30,001 lbs - 50,000 lbs $2,950.00

As we mentioned, fixed material handling rates are only one benefit Mack Brooks is offering to help exhibitors manage their costs and get a bigger return on their marketing investment at ICE USA and InPrint USA. To learn more about how we can support you, check out the full Exhibitor Manual or call us at 866-899-4728.  We look forward to being your partner on a successful ICE and InPrint USA!

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