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Posted 15th August 2016 by Melissa Magestro

I want to introduce myself – I’m Dave Rumson and I’m a member of the ICE ‘Ask the Experts’ team.  2017 will be my 50th year working in a wide variety of technical fields. 28 of those years have been exclusive within strong engineering paper and converting industry companies; shaft/roll handling, unwind/winding, slitting systems and products, and electronic knife holders. For the last 17 years I've been able to concentrate on flexible web slitting technology. 

The 2017 show will be my fourth consecutive ICE USA and once again I'll be helping AIMCAL organize the CEMA educational program as well as conducting a slitting technology presentation. Then, along with other industry consultants, I'll be spending my time in the ICE "Ask the Experts" arena; meeting one-on-one with show attendees needing slitting advice.

I credit my technical work longevity to meeting key individuals who have helped me over these many years, seizing opportunities (sometimes not without risk) and working with organizations like CEMA, AIMCAL and ICE USA.

Through educational venues and consulting opportunities these organizations have given me the chance to "pay forward" and hopefully be a "key individual" in younger technical type careers. I get the most satisfaction from seeing heads nodding and/or note taking when I present something of value they were not aware of. From there we usually meet during a break or after class.

The last three ICE USA Shows have provided me these same opportunities ... "paying forward" as a member of the 'Expert' team.  New for this show, I will have a chance to field some of your questions in advance in the “Ask The Experts” forum on LinkedIn (stay tuned for more details) as well as some technical blogs to be published here in the coming months.

So ... if you're coming to Orlando for ICE 2017 bring me your slitting issues and let's discuss in private. I'll do my best to support your efforts.

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