“Seeing Is Believing” – Why New Era brings equipment to ICE USA

Posted 28th November 2016 by Melissa Magestro

The top two reasons attendees come to ICE USA is to see new technologies and to see equipment.  One company that has been successfully maximizing on the opportunity to show equipment to prospective customers at ICE is New Era Converting Machinery, out of Paterson, New Jersey.  New Era offers engineering and fabrication of custom coating, laminating & embossing systems for the web converting industry and has been a long time exhibitor at the show.  We had the chance to speak with Bob Pasquale, President, on his best practices for success at ICE USA.

How many years has your company exhibited at ICE USA and why do you keep coming back?
We have been at every ICE USA show since its inception in 2011.  We have had tremendous success in meeting new customers at the show and in fact if you go back through every single show we can attribute at least one major sale to people we have met at the show. That one sale gives us the return we need for the show.

Do you exhibit at other shows? If yes, how is ICE USA different?
We are involved in some smaller regionalized type shows but none of them are of the scale and scope of ICE. We feel that for our particular business, ICE is the only U.S. show that is strictly focused on what we do. Our ideal customer is there.

Do you bring equipment? Why is that important?
We bring equipment! 
Our corporate philosophy is that bringing machinery to this show is extremely important. In this day and age, customers can sit in their office and surf the internet and see plenty of pictures or read info on your company and your competitors. The people who come to the show in our opinion want to see machinery. They are technical people, they understand the technical aspects of the machines. Photos on a website don’t give an indication of the full capabilities and techniques the machine offers. Hardware at the show is what people really want to see.
We once had someone come to our booth and was looking at the machinery and they said we appreciate that you bring machinery because there is a lot of things you can do with photos, but seeing is believing.

What is your objective at ICE – sales, leads, maintain relationships with existing customers?
The way we look at it, our primary objective is  to meet new customers, but we also want to display our capabilities and we feel that the best way to do that is to have examples of what we have produced on the show floor.  

How do you track the results of the show to measure a return on your investment?
We track the number of new customers that we meet, the number of opportunities to quote on new projects that we get as a result with the show. We are very happy so far with the results. The thing that is difficult to quantify is that we do meet people at the show that leads to a sale or a quote but it might come so much later that it is hard to attribute to the show.  However, we know it happens so its another important reason to exhibit at ICE.

Do you do any pre-marketing with your customers? What?
We do  advertising in magazines, blogs, and on our twitter accounts.  We mention what our plans are at the show in the ads or in the blogs. With ICE we are not focused on our existing customers so much, as an industry wide announcement to meet new prospects. We do have some prospective customers that we call and invite to the show.

Any best practices to share with new exhibitors?
We typically plan what we will bring around 6-9 months out. Our objective is to make sure that we have equipment going through our manufacturing cycle so that we can have equipment available to take to the show and display it.
The process of bringing equipment runs pretty smooth. It is no different than shipping a machine to the customer. We put the machinery on the truck and the professional riggers place the equipment on the floor for us. They do a good job and we have never run into an issue with getting the machines in and set up at the show.

How far in advance do you need to start planning if you are going to bring machinery?

Is there anything you are going to do differently for ICE 2017?
Yes, we plan on bringing an entire coating line to the show. Our typical practice has been to bring machinery sections. This is the first time we will bring a fully integrated coating line to the show. Visitors can see the entire processing line assembled in its operating state and speak with our technical staff on how it all works
Our hope is that everyone would bring machinery.  With each edition of ICE USA we see more exhibitors bringing equipment and that is good for all of us - attendees have more opportunity to compare and see what’s new, the show floor is more exciting and exhibitors get to see more attendees.

Registration is now open for ICE USA 2017!  Register now or learn more about ICE USA at www.ice-x-usa.com.


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