Why I keep coming back to ICE USA

Posted 3rd November 2016 by Bill Yoder

I entered the metallizing, coating and laminating industry in 1967 after completing college and serving in the army, and I was interested in networking and professional development opportunities.  I joined a few associations and was able to attend some trade shows.  Specifically I remember the CMM show, there were some really spectacular equipment displays there that most millennials won’t have the chance to see.  But that show disappeared and for a while there was a void in the industry – there were tradeshows but nothing that I felt was worth the time or money to attend. 
Then in 2010, I was attending an AIMCAL conference and heard some members talking about the new ICE USA show coming to Orlando.  By this time I had retired from my sales management position and was consulting for two industry suppliers.  I thought ICE sounded interesting, so I attended the inaugural show in 2011.  The show was small, but the quality of the attendees was outstanding.  I made contacts that developed into real business for my principles. 
The next show in Orlando was much larger, with the exhibitors spending more on their booths and the number of attendees growing.  Again, I found quality decision making people and gained new contacts, leads and business.  Ditto for 2015!
The converting industry has great association events, but ICE is the only place I can see all the equipment relevant to my business and meet old and new friends and colleagues from all over the world.  The networking aspect of the show has been incredibly valuable for my business as well as my own professional development.
Will I be at ICE USA 2017?  Of course!  I wouldn’t miss it.  And if you are in the converting industry, I would encourage you not to miss it either. 


Bill Yoder describes himself as "I am a highly experienced, well connected and a fun loving individual who gets up each day wanting to serve new people as well as my old friends in the Metallizing, Coating and Laminating Industry. My goals are to make businesses profitable!"  Bill encourages you to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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