Social Media Promotional Material

We created these social media posts to make it a little easier for you to build your brand, showcase your equipment, and drive traffic to your booth at ICE USA 2017. Download the sample posts and customize them by inserting your specific booth number, promotional offer, or the technology/ solution you are showcasing.

ICE USA Sample Social Media Posts

Online Promotional Material

To assist you with your visitor promotion for ICE USA 2017, please find below a range of advertising tools that you can download and send to your target visitors. Many of the items can be customized instantly with your company name and booth number.

Web Banners - Animated web banners in various sizes for use on your website

Personalized Banners - Personalized web banners in various sizes for use on your website

Email Signature - For your daily correspondence: Email signature with hall and stand number

Add To Your Calendar - Downloadable reminder for use on your website or in your emails

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