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Pre-Show Educational Sessions


CEMA (Converting Equipment Manufacturers Association) will be holding two concurrent sessions, the Coating & Laminating Technical Seminar and the Slitting & Rewinding Seminar.

CEMA Coating & Drying Seminar: $295 USD

This seminar is a special condensed version of the CEMA two day seminar exclusively for the ICE exhibition. The instructors take the attendee through the web coating operation from unwind to rewind, with everything in between. All involved are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and present the fundamentals of coating and laminating through engaging presentations. Instructors include real world tips for improving productivity, reducing downtime and waste and increasing yield and throughput.

CEMA Coating & Drying Seminar Program - Monday, February 9, 2015
08:30am Substrate Surface Treatment Options
Tom Gilbertson
09:00am Dealing With Static Electricity
Kelly Robinson
09:30am Overview of Solution Delivery
Ken McCarthy
10:00am Break
10:15am Coating Methods - Gravure
John Looser
10:45am Coating Methods - Mayer Rod
Doug Krasucki
11:15am Coating Methods - Premetered
Mark Miller
11:45am Hard Chrome Precision Rolls
David Johnston
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm Rubber Rolls
Randy Apperson
1:30pm Basic Industrial Drying Methods
Rich Leudke
2:00pm Optimizing Your Dryer
Todd Ruecki
2:30pm Art of Winding
Duane Smith
3:00pm Break
3:15pm Web Coating Defects Overview
Ed Cohen
3:45pm Online Defect Inspection Systems
Jochen Koenig, Schenk Vision
4:15pm Online Coat Weight Measurement
Ted Schnackertz
4:45pm Web Tension And Tension Control Systems
Daryl Whiteside

CEMA Slitting & Rewinding Seminar: $295 USD

This seminar is a condensed version of the CEMA two day seminar exclusively for the ICE exhibition. The seminar is ideal for anyone involved with the slitting and rewinding operations for paper, film, nonwovens and other continuous flexible materials. The people who design and manufacture slitting and rewinding equipment will take you step by step through the best practices techniques in such areas as winding, slitting, tension, trim removal and static.

CEMA Slitting & Rewinding Seminar Program - Monday, February 9, 2015
08:30am Unwinding
Duane Smith, Davis Standard, LLC.
09:00am Tension Control - Dancer & Load Cell
Doug Brockelbank, Montalvo Corporation
09:45am Break
10:15am Web Guiding
Ron Schmidt, Maxcess International Corporation 
11:00am Managing Knife Overlap And Side Force To Reduce Shear Slitting Defects
Sean Craig, Tidland Corporation
11:45am Adhesive Web Slitting
Dave Rumson, DR Consulting
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm Trim Removal
Gordon Cole, QuickDraft Inc.
1:30pm Web Spreading
David Roisum, Finishing Technologies, Inc.
2:00pm Static Electricity
Matt Fyffe, Meech International 
2:45pm Break
3:15pm Winding Shaft Do's & Don'ts
David Sullivan, Goldenrod Corp.
3:45pm Specifying A Slitter/Rewinder
Tom Herold, Stanford/Accraply
4:15pm The Art Of Winding A Good Roll
Duane Smith, Davis-Standard, LLC.